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Cold water shock

I've been a windsurfer for over 25 years but it is only recently that I have learned about cold water shock.  It is possibly less of an issue windsurfing (and surfing) because I expect to fall in the water so…

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Border collie Barney looks back from front of paddleboard

Barney SUPs

Sometimes I think I have the most photographed dog in Bristol.  He loves to come SUPing with us and as we paddle down Bristol's floating harbour everyone on the banks is interested in a dog on a paddleboard - a…

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Bure river and SUP Polo

Last weekend Bex and I popped up to Norfolk to surprise a friend for his 40th birthday.  Maybe ‘popped’ isn’t quite the right word; my truck isn’t the fastest vehicle so I think “tootled in a rush” would be better.…

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