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Other than being pretty, what are the benefits of a wooden board?

Using wood allows us to minimise the amount of plastics in the board and so is better for the environment. It is also much stronger and more durable than a standard construction foam board. The individual grain patterns of wood also mean that every board is unique.

Is it really heavy?

Because it is hollow, most of the board is made up of air so our boards are only slightly heavier than a foam core board.

Is it strong enough to actually use?

Definitely! Wood is a great material which is not only strong but retains that strength over time and with usage. The composite wood/glass-fibre/epoxy construction of our boards actually makes them stronger than standard foam core boards and they are less likely to pressure ding or de-laminate.

Do I need to do any maintenance? How should I look after my board?

Just three things to remember:

  1. Close the bung plug before putting the board in the water.
  2. Open the bung plug when the board is not in use.
  3. Store the board away from direct sunlight

If, over time, your board becomes scratched and loses some of it’s shine, it can be sanded back and re-varnished.

What is the bung plug for?

Because the centre of the board is mainly air it is affected by changes in air pressure and temperature. The bung plug, when opened, allows the pressure of the air inside the board to equalise with the outside air pressure. This is particularly important if you were to ever fly with your board.

Do you deliver?

I can arrange delivery of balance boards and paddles but would rather paddleboards are collected in person (they are lovely – why would you want to trust it to a courier?)  If that isn’t possible, call me to talk about delivery options.

What happens after I place an order?

For balance board, belly board, and rocker board orders, I will aim to have it with you within 2 weeks.  Balance boards can now be dispatched on 48h service within a week.

For paddles and paddleboard orders, I will call you to talk through your exact requirements so please make sure you leave the correct phone number!

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