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Balance Board


Improve your balance, core strength and fitness in the comfort of your own home.

The idea is to ride the board for as long as possible without letting the ends touch the ground.  Get the whole family and friends involved, or enjoy on your own.  Once you have mastered basic balancing there is a whole world of advanced tricks to learn.

Works best on a non-slip surface such as carpet or level grass (note that grass may stain the roller).

It’s a great work out for your legs and core when there is no surf, helps improve balance when you can’t get out on your SUP, and you can start to build up your ski/snowboard fitness before the winter season.  Whatever your motivation enjoy a fun core workout anywhere.

The board is handmade from high grade birch plywood with a reclaimed wood roller¹ (due to supplier lockdown this may currently be new wood). Cork stripped roller available for an easier/slower ride.  The board won’t react as fast and doesn’t slip on the roller making it easier to start with but it will be much harder to do rotational tricks (e.g. 180 spins)

Includes end-stops on the board to help prevent wipe-outs.  Coated in a wax oil finish to protect the wood.

Available with logos in blue, green, pink, or black.  Or personalise your board² – add any picture you like (you must have rights to it), or your name, child’s name, pet’s name!?  I can print up to A4 size in full colour.  Please be aware that the ink will run into the wood grain to a small extent so complicated images or small text may be slightly blurred.


Dimensions: Board – 72cm x 38cm, Roller ~ 12cm-14cm diameter

Weight limit: 120kgs

Age: 5+

¹ Please note that the rollers may contain splits but that this doesn’t affect the performance of the board.
² Personalised boards will take 1-2 weeks to dispatch.  I’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements so make sure you leave contact details when ordering.

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